Termostampi Srl is specialized in the construction of Thermoforming tools.

Since 1976 in the field of tools manufacturing for food containers and cups made from PolyPropylene (PP), PolyStyrene (PS), PVC and PET.

The thermoforming process exploits the plastic material deformation brought at adequate temperature. The process has many variations. The most common of which consists in giving shape to the piece to be produced with a mold (or shape) in which the material is pre-formed thanks to a plug and then brought to the exact final shape through compress air (or through depression or void). This technology is adopted for different kinds of products, from coffee to drinking cups, form pick-nick plates to food containers up to bigger products such as bath tubs.

The construction of a new larger factory, the constant and updated purchase of more and more technological machineries and the increasing number of technical and specialized staff, made Termostampi popular not only in Italy among the most important distributors of disposable articles but also abroad in Europe, Middle and Far East, North Africa, U.S.A., Central and South America.

The thermoforming is a technologically evolved, industrially and economically important process.