Forming and separate steel rule die mold

Forming and separate steel rule die mold

Separate forming and steel rule die cutting, Good cutting precision and high flexibility.

Your products:

  • ​Plates
  • Containers for fruit and vegetables
  • Containers for oven-baked, pastry and confectionary products
  • Lids
  • Egg trays
  • Non-food containers, blister packs

The separate punch and die is the most frequent and used especially for trays for confectionery and gastronomy:

  • The forming station is made of aluminium and where necessary it is made of steel like the clamping frame
  • The steel rule die station that generally speaking is very simple, in most of the cases is built with a mold support both superior and inferior in aluminium with steel rule die and contrast in inox steel
  • The stacker is manufactured as in the simultaneous punch and die.