Forming and Cutting simultaneous mold

Forming and Cutting simultaneous mold

Simultaneous forming and steel rule die cutting, inexpensive mold and high flexibility.

Your products:

  • ​Plates
  • Containers for fruit and vegetables
  • Containers for oven-baked, pastry and confectionary products
  • Lids

Then the simultaneous punch and die the mold built with this technology is in most of the cases in aluminium with some steel parts such as the clamping frame, if necessary the stripper plate, the cutting contrast for the steel rule die in inox steel or tempered steel.

The steel rule die is made of tempered steel with different shapes in the cutting to choose according to what has to be done. A lot of attention with those tools has to be given to the extraction of the thermoformed containers to avoid that the containers themselves remain inside the cavity since the extraction of the containers must overlap with the extraction of the remaining foil at the moment of the forming. The extraction of the containers is in the second station and they are stacked normally from the bottom to the top.

The most common stacker is made with vertical partitions in aluminium with specific hooks fixed to the partitions on two levels: the first to stack and count, and then in the second phase to expel the items on an extra collecting plate after having been transferred by the second stroke of the extraction cylinder, at the second level, with an horizontal pushing device.