Romeo Varisco – Founder and Chairman of TermostampiRomeo Varisco – Founder and Chairman of Termostampi
Your ideas. No limits. ​
We know the value of a good idea. This is why it is important to realise it with the utmost care and without compromise. Whatever your idea, we can study and build it just as you envisaged. Improving it if needs be. Adding value to make it even more competitive and attractive in the eyes of your client. In addition to creating the mold for thermoforming we offer a full range of services. In Termostampi everything revolves around your idea: our task is to give it a definite and tangible form. We have done this for 40 years, backed by the experience of manufacturing over 2800 molds. And now … what new idea do you want to tell us about?
Romeo Varisco - Fondatore e presidente di Termostampi


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It is our history to tell you that innovation is in our dna.​


Termostampi born as a mechanical workshop, specializes in the production of molds for thermoforming.


We conquered the international markets.


We were the first using PROE.


We doubled our production area.


Foreign incomings exceeded the Italian ones.


We added a prototyping service for our customers.


Termostampi USA inc. was born.


Termostampi 40th anniversary.


Much more than Made in Italy. Made in Termostampi.

Quality is in our DNA. So for us it is natural to apply it, all the time.

We make everything in our manufacturing facilities in order to have total and constant control. Only in this way can we assure you a 100% reliable quality chain. You can see all this when you visit our facility in Cernusco sul Naviglio: clean, tidy, optimised in accordance with the most rigorous standards of lean manufacturing.

Product quality begins with the selection of raw materials, purchased from leading European producers of steel and aluminium. Accuracy and precision, which are fundamental for a mold, are guaranteed by using the most advanced technologies and the unceasing search for innovative solutions in each stage of the production.

Last but not least, intelligent and respectful use of resources allows us to aspire to another important purpose: manufacturing with the least possible environmental impact.

Lean manufacturing in TermostampiLean manufacturing in Termostampi

Termostampi Worldwide

International thermoforming marketInternational thermoforming market

Anywhere in the world, with our complete service. Satisfaction guaranteed.

From Italy to America, from Russia to Saudi Arabia, from Indonesia… in companies making food packaging it is very likely that the trays, containers, cups and plates are produced using a mold made by Termostampi.

Success is due to the reliability and versatility of our molds. Especially our ability to listen to needs and translate them into efficient and durable solutions. Some customers have been with us for over twenty years, some ever since we began.

Studying and making the mold was the first step to building a solid relationship, based on respect and collaboration. Day after day we are committed to solving problems with practical solutions such as the efficient archiving system that allows us to immediately get our hands on technical drawings, even from thirty years ago.

Or the particular attention we devote to regular maintenance, reconditioning and retrofitting services and also extend to molds not manufactured by us.